Social Justice Internship Program

Students interested in pursuing engagement opportunities or placements with Philadelphia-based organizations are encouraged to apply for our Social Justice Internship Program.

This is a place-based program in Philadelphia intended to provide Penn State students like you with an immersive and rewarding internship focused on social justice issues in an urban setting. The program emphasizes student involvement in collaborative projects with community-based organizations, nonprofit advocacy groups, social service agencies, health care providers, multidisciplinary design firms, socially responsible businesses, and government in Philadelphia.

There is a rolling deadline to participate in this program and applications will be considered on an individual basis according to current initiatives in the city. If you are interested in co-creating solutions to pressing problems in Philadelphia, we encourage you to apply and we will work to find a placement that matches your skill set and interests.

When there is a critical mass of students with aligning interests, the Center may offer a theme-based summer cohort experience with reflection sessions and flexibly organized curriculum. These student opportunities are unpaid and take place either in-person or virtually, depending on circumstances.

If you have any questions, please contact Carly Pourzand at